Aim of Legal Directories and Legal Information Providers

There are certain problematic occasions when you need an attorney and comprehensive legal assistance. It is essential to take legal decisions seriously otherwise it could lead to severe consequences and even jail also. Whether you need a bail bond agent or an immigration attorney for your favor in court that can defend you. Therefore, it is always good to seek them for instant help. You can also search them online through online legal directories. Most of the people find attorney as and when needed through the online search directories for utmost convenience. It is the simplest method to search and locate a lawyer in your region through these legal resources.

In fact, these legal resources are the pure repository of the complete profiles of the attorneys, their experience, office address and their area of expertise. These resources also provide vital set of legal information to the public in order to make them aware about the legal terminologies. These directories itself serves as a catalog and provides enough information regarding, immigration law, bankruptcy law, divorce law, real estate law, intellectual property law, business law, tax law and other legal documents and forms. Even you can expect emancipation forms, guardianship forms, marriage forms, power of attorney forms (including, but not limited to, power of attorney durable, power of attorney – health care, limited power of attorney, power of attorney – childcare, power of attorney – revocation, and all types legal forms), name change forms, citizenship forms, passport forms, passport application, visa forms, federal tax forms and much more from these online legal resources.

The primary advantage is that you can find the best attorney for your DWI or any other legal difficulty, through online resources. In fact, you can find the renowned bail bond agent and bail Bond Company easily with the help of these websites. You can locate them and personally visit them to discuss criminal record (if any), history of showing up for past court appearances, and any other concerns. You can discuss the complete process and initiate it consequently. Moreover, you can access a list of the County jail locations and access to the County Jail Lockup system for your convenience.

Finding an attorney is supposed to be the common way that people adopt these days. It is not only an easy and simple way, but also the fastest means of getting legal information & assistance. Online law firm information providers or directories also offer free legal forms, guide for lawyers, the latest news and information that can be accessed free of cost. Anybody can access these directories for their personal reasons; however one thing must be noted that these legal directories cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, defenses, selection of forms or strategies. The very aim of these directories is to modernize legal technology and develop technologies that facilitate internet marketing for legal professionals.

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The Importance of the Emancipation Proclamation

Why was the emancipation proclamation written? This document was written many years ago. Abraham Lincoln issued this in the 1860s. Many historians pointed out many reasons why it was needed to be written.

1. The first answer to the question why was the emancipation proclamation written is to have something that can have a crippling effect on the effort of the Southern states during the war. This was one of the main reasons. Those who had written it wanted to lessen the edge of the Southern troops in the ongoing war back then. The Lincoln troops were lesser than the soldiers in the South.

2. The second answer to the question why was the speech written is because the slaves had a major role in the war. They were the people responsible for readying the soldiers’ uniforms and ammunition. They also were the ones who rebuilt the infrastructures that got damaged because of the war. Most of the staffs of hospitals back then were slaves as well. The Emancipation proclamation would mean that it would leave the Southern force with lesser people to help them.

3. The third answer to the question why was the emancipation proclamation written is to gain support from other countries. One of the reasons for drafting this important document is for a political reason. Most of the European countries supported the Southern force because of their goal to gain independence. The United Kingdom also supported them because the relationship between the American government and United Kingdom got a strain because of the Trent event. Abraham Lincoln wanted to still keep the union intact. The Emancipation proclamation was something many European countries respected because they also believed that no man should be a slave to anyone. They were not able to ignore this humane and fair decree.

4. The fourth answer to the question why was the speech written is to give slaves their freedom. President Abraham Lincoln was always vocal of his negative views on slavery even years before the emancipation was proclaimed. He already drafted a document aiming to end slavery in all the states but this was not pushed through because many states did not cooperate. This is the most important answer to the question, why was the emancipation proclamation written.

5. The fifth answer to the question why was the emancipation proclamation written is for the slaves to get fully assimilated to the society. The emancipation document became the first and most important step in providing the legal rights to the slaves.

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Information Regarding Legal Liability and Suicide

Sadly, suicide is a prevalent societal epidemic that affects thousands of families and loved ones each year. Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life intentionally, and generally stems from emotional and mental health issues and struggles. The question that continues to arise, as the number of suicides continue to rise each year, is the question of legal liability. Are certain people to blame, or simply liable, for a person who kills themselves? Continue reading to explore this topic in more detail.

Duty of Care

Overall, it is a person’s own choice to end their lives, and many will find ways to do this even if other’s attempt to step in and help. For the most part, no one can truly stop a person from committing suicide; however, in other circumstances, it is possible for a person to be legally responsible for a victim of suicide. This includes parents, caregivers, guardians, medical professionals, or even school officials. The underlying legal matter is referred to as negligent supervision.

In School

People in the above roles have a legal “duty of care” to responsibly monitor, care, or supervise a person in their custody to prevent them from harm. Whether a patient in the care of nurses or doctors or a child in the care of their own mother or father, there is a legal standard of care. If a student chooses to kill themselves on school grounds, it could be argued that certain school officials neglected their duty to responsibly “supervise” and care for said student. After all, the student would have to find a way to remove themselves from adult supervision to carry out their suicide on school property. It is the school’s legal responsibility to provide safe and supervised environments for all students and faculty included. This includes protecting kids from severe bullying that could lead to mental health issues and eventual suicide attempts. Also, if school officials, like counselors or nurses, are aware of a child’s suicidal considerations, it is their duty to thoroughly inform the parents right away.

At Home

As for parents of children that commit suicide, they could face possible charged for the crime of risking injury to a minor for an unhealthy home. Parents are expected by courts and government officials to provide necessary mental health treatment, as well as, standard medical care, for their children’s well-being and safety. If a parent knows their child suffered from mental health issues and does nothing to address it, it could be argued that parents, or legal guardians, neglected this “duty” that resulted in their child’s suicide. Until a child or minor reaches the age of 18, or becomes emancipated, they are legally under the care and responsibility of their parents of legal guardians. An exception to this rule would be a child that is mentally or physically handicapped and dependent on their guardians even after reaching the “age of majority.”

Medical Care

Aside from school officials and legal guardians, other people might be help legally liable for a person’s suicide under certain circumstances. Psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, and similar health care professionals also carry a particular “duty of care” for their patients. All of this strictly depends on the specific circumstances, as well as, establishing that there was a duty of care in a doctor-patient relationship.

It is important to consult a licensed personal injury lawyer for advice and guidance pertaining to cases such as these. If you believe your child or loved one was a victim of negligence that resulted in suicide or serious injury, you may be legally entitled to compensation for your damages. Contact a licensed accident attorney to learn your rights.

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Minors Seeking To Be Legally Adults Should Consider Emancipation

Generally children are under the legal care of their parents until they turn 18 years old. In special circumstances a child may need to gain legal control of their lives before this age. Reasons could include a desire to marry before 18 without the consent of parents, entering the military or financial reasons. Gaining legal independence from parents before turning 18 is known as emancipation.

Courts are generally hesitant about granting emancipation, but teenagers with strong reasons may have their requests granted. The Court will require that these teens prove that being emancipated in their best interests before entering an order recognizing them as independent adults.

Every case is different and the Judge should consider the special circumstances of each case. A few possible situations that could convince a Judge to grant an emancipation include:

Financial independence: this is often seen with child stars or children who inherit large amounts of money but don’t trust their parents to manage it for them for some reason, but is not limited to the very rich. It is possible for a minor to inherit a sum of money or property but not have the ability to fully claim those funds due to their minority. A court order of emancipation allows them to act as an adult and claim their inheritance.

Marriage: if the child has married prior to becoming an adult legally they can request emancipation. Most States require that the minor’s parents consent to the marriage and having done so they have little say in the emancipation of the child as it is a little difficult to say that the minor was adult enough to marry but is not adult enough to be independent.

Parental abandonment: if the parents are nowhere to be found and the child has been taking care of themselves they can request that the Court recognize their independence.

The Judge has the discretion to grant emancipation or not and there is no real appeals process. The Judge should use the child’s best interest as the standard to determine whether to grant the request or not.

First the teen must qualify for emancipation by meeting the age requirement. Every State has a certain age that must be reached before the Court can consider emancipation. In many States the minimum age is 16 years old. If the teen meets the age requirement they must file a request for emancipation with the Court. This is a rather complicated document that should be prepared by an attorney. After the request for emancipation is filed a hearing will be set and the judge will hear from the teen and potentially their parents and then reach a decision.

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